Wednesday, August 10, 2011


A Dorm Room Should Feel Like Home
My nephew is beginning his first year at college, my niece her second. Neither wants their rooms boxy, sterile, and look-alike. So think out of the box when it comes to decorating the space they’ll be spending a lot of time studying (hopefully), and inviting friends. There are some easy and inexpensive ways to individualize a dorm room or small apartment.

Begin by selecting a color theme. Most dorm rooms are not allowed to be painted, so your expressions of color will have to be found elsewhere. Neutrals create calm, soothing space, and make a room look larger. By neutrals, I don’t mean just solids. Combine prints, stripes, patterns, and add accents with textures or bold, wild colors. Color blocking is another great look, using a different solid of coordinating colors for bedding, curtains, wall art, chair cushions, etc. ‘Boho-glam’ (bohemian glamour) uses eclectic color combinations and patterns from India and Southeast Asia.
Dalyn Studio Taupe, Olive, Chocolate Ginko Print 5 by 7-Feet 9-Inch Area Rug
Make certain your student has excellent task lighting and a comfortable desk chair. There are so many options available, each can look customized by the color and style you choose. Curtains on spring rods are inexpensive and easy to make out of sheets or lightweight fabrics to add an extra layer of interest.

Dolce 4-Shelf Folding Bookcase - Dark WalnutBlinds are easy and inexpensive fixes. Build a headboard out of wood, covered in batting and a fabric of choice. Hang mirrors to make the room appear larger and add some sparkle. An area rug is always comfortable underfoot.

 There’s never enough storage, so add ottomans to use as seating for visitors and extra storage. Closets never have enough storage, so getting an organizer is key. There are some excellent retailers that sell everything from basic school supplies to furniture for easy one stop shopping.

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