Friday, September 30, 2011


Pumpkin Pillow
Halloween is approaching, and a great way to feel good is to decorate for the holiday. A festive feeling is contagious, and adding a little natural charm to my d├ęcor raises everyone’s spirit. These ideas are not expensive, but their value is priceless!

COLOR: Halloween’s traditional colors are orange and black, but don’t limit yourself. Spice up your home with a HARVEST LOOK. Since its autumn, add jewel tone hues of changing foliage. Cut colorful leafy branches from trees, red and orange berries from bushes, and dried grasses to place in vases around your home. Use gold accents that catch the light for sparkle. Add some spirit to your outdoor landscape with a still life using bales of hay, corn stalks, pumpkins, and gourds.

Pillows: Go ahead - buy a few bewitching theme pillows that can be stored for next year.

Decorations: Years ago I purchased a ceramic pumpkin that holds a candle. I don’t have the messy job of scooping or carving. It doesn’t rot, and I have it forever.
Throws: A chunky woolen throw tossed over an arm chair or sofa in the season’s colors adds charm and warmth.

Having a party? Drape your windows and doors with yards of black, purple, and/or white tulle; weave in clear Christmas lights. Bring your outdoor lanterns inside, add candles, and place them around your living room.    

My Pumpkin Centerpiece Recipe: scoop out enough to fit a jar, fill with water, add flowers

Interior decorations bring out the natural charm of your home during any season.

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