Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Ready or not, the holiday season is already underway. The official start date is Thanksgiving, but the real “kick-off” was the beginning of the football season. Festivities continue from now through Christmas, Hannuka, the New Year, and ends with the Super Bowl. It’s a whirlwind preparation of parties, dinners, and last minute get-togethers. I don’t know about you, but I’ve grown disheartened lugging out the same boxes of decorations and trimmings year after year. Besides, they’re getting a bit worn. It’s time to refresh my home’s holiday décor with a collection of unique and affordable interior design ideas that will carry me through the entire festive season.  These are my 3 TOP INTERIOR DESIGN INSPIRATIONS FOR THE HOLIDAYS:

1.      Collect colors and patterns that mix and match to create different looks for each event you host. Plaids, stripes, prints, and textures add interest and punch to the look of a room. Pillows, throws, table linens, theme decorations, and accessories are relatively inexpensive, yet carry a lot of impact. If you have a threadbare piece of furniture, now is a perfect time to replace it. Any of the neutral hues mentioned below won’t look out of place after the season, and will give your entire home a lift for the holidays. 

Thanksgiving palette: browns, tans, beige, reds, jewel tones illuminated by the warm glow of candlelight add sophistication.
Hannuka palette: Use various shades of blue highlighted with gold. Vibrant white accessories and candles make excellent accents, adding pop to a room or table setting.
Christmas palette: reds and greens woven in with metallics add elegance to traditional holiday decorations. Don’t be afraid to mix gold, silver, copper, and brass; it’s a trend that’s quickly gathering momentum.

Football party palettes: Use the colors of your favorite team. For the Super Bowl, use both team’s colors.

Be adventurous! Add an unexpected twist to your festivities by trying something you’ve never done before.

2.      For fun, hold a formal dinner party complete with invitations, long gowns, and tuxedos. Most of us are accustomed to parties with rustic charm, a roaring fireplace, and the t.v. blasting the latest football play. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for elegance. 

Make your party a buffet where guests can help themselves. You won’t have to worry about their getting enough food or drink, and can enjoy your own party.

For décor, use candelabras with tall, tapered candles. Instead of the wood burning
fireplace, stack pillar candles in the fire box. It’s an attractive difference that frees you from having to stoke the fire.

Hire a bartender, and a couple of service people to pass appetizers, refill drinks and food stations.

Make sure your table centerpieces are low enough so they don’t block the view across the table. High centerpieces inhibit conversation.

3.      Get educated. There’s a lot of help available. Find a designer to collaborate with on some of your ideas. Input from a professional can create added dimension and provide just the right spark. Spending a little money up front can save you a bundle later on. Attend design and craft shows. You can find Florida and NY Calendar of Events posted on our website and blogs. The exhibitors put a lot into creating magnificent displays that I guarantee will provide inspiration. Besides, you’ll have a lot of fun.

Need more information? Try my new internet PERSONAL HOME COACHING program. Send a couple of photos of your challenge with a description, and I’ll get back to you with at least two recommendations. Details are on my blog and website. Looking forward to hearing from you!