Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Interior Design: 4 Paint Tips

Paint is one of the easiest ways to transform a wall, ceiling, floor, an entire room, or piece of furniture into something entirely different. Color is the beginning of the journey, but it’s far from the whole story. Metallics, suedes, stenciling, and other dramatic effects can be achieved with a paint brush or roller. 

1. Be Inspired: Color inspiration can come from anywhere or anything. It can be found in a favorite toss pillow, part of a rug pattern, in a piece of art, or from nature. Your primary color choice will serve as a launch pad for adding fabrics, furnishings, accessories, and other colors.

2. Try Before Committing: Light affects colors. They will look different at various times of day, as a result of the amount of natural and artificial light, and even on different walls in the same room. Buy pint sized cans of a few optional colors, and paint two coats on each wall. Make certain you allow the paint to dry before making a decision. 

3. Choose The Right Finish: Flat or matte finishes hide imperfections. Eggshell is my preferred finish for walls - it has a slight sheen which adds an elegant aesthetic, and is easier to clean. Semi-gloss is the workhorse finish, perfect for furniture and areas that need frequent cleaning. High gloss is dramatic, and also easy to clean. I use it for special pieces of furniture and trims.

4. Use High Quality Paint: The better the quality, the finer and smoother the finish, and the more saturated the color will appear. Sherwin Williams' Emerald paint is self-priming - a great time saver.

Source: Sherwin-Williams

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