Sunday, August 28, 2011


It’s September! The kids are back at school, so we have a little extra time on our hands. There’s occasional coolness in the air, hinting that fall is on its way. And as the temperature moderates, our energy level rises. The fall Real Estate market kicks off after the Labor Day weekend, but the early birds are already scouring the offerings.
Considering these factors, conditions are perfect to start sprucing up our living spaces whether or not we’re planning to sell. Let’s look around our homes realistically. Face it; our homes are showing some wear and tear with a little too much of that “lived in” look. Our needs and desires evolve, and trends change. There are new design looks, new electronics, and new “stuff” that we’d like to add. If your children are out of the house, you might have a spare room with space to create something entirely new and different.

BASIC TIPS, PRACTICAL IDEAS, AND CREATIVE FIXES to improve your space, and make it look new and fresh.
1.      Paint: A new paint job refreshes, and adds new life to a room. It’s the least expensive way that achieves the greatest result.
2.     Pulls and Knobs: Change kitchen and bathroom cabinet and drawer pulls. It’s an inexpensive fix that can change the entire character of a room. 
3.  Appliances: If you’re ready for new appliances, go energy efficient. Sales are everywhere, and you’ll also save money on your electric bill while helping to save the planet.
4.      Rugs: Clean or replace carpeting and area rugs. If you’re selling your home, do not place an area rug over carpeting. Buyers will think you’re hiding stains or water damage.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
5.      Home repairs: Complete any obvious fixes especially leaks. Seemingly small issues may be hiding greater damage. This is most important if you’re selling your home.
6.      New Kitchen Sink: I’ve had my sink for 5 years. Although I’m meticulous in caring for my entire home, my guests are not, and somehow, sink damage draws like a magnet!
    7.      Window Treatments: New drapes, shades, etc is another relatively 
     inexpensive way to change or refresh the whole atmosphere of a room.                                                      
8.      Lighting Fixtures and Lamps:  A new lamp or chandelier instantly updates a room. Try the link for some great clearance deals.
9.      Crown Molding:  Add to a traditional decorating scheme, streamline for a contemporary look, or “upscale” the look of a room by enhancing existing crown molding. It has amazing impact when used correctly to highlight a traditional look, or adds a more subtle finished look to a contemporary setting.
10.   Art: Framed posters are beautiful, inexpensive additions to a bedroom, den, or any casual room. Enlarge and frame family photos, and hang them in an attractive arrangement that makes a statement.
11.  Bedroom Comforter Sets:  They come complete with color coordinated sham covers, bed skirt, and comforter. Add throw pillows in an accent color for interest, and hang solid silk drapes that pick up the primary color of the room. I prefer silk drapes for their soft beauty, but make certain they’re lined.    
Fall is the Fix-it time of year. Stage your home, whether it’s for sale or not. As a REALTOR, I would stage a home for sale, and when the job was complete, the remark from the homeowner always referenced that they should have done the work when they were living in the house so they could enjoy it more.

My recommendation is DO IT NOW! Don’t wait until you’re ready to sell. You’ll enjoy your home that much more NOW!

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