Saturday, August 13, 2011


An Ideal Florida Color Palette!
Anything can be a design scheme inspiration. Mine often come from nature. It is non-static, living, breathing, and stirs emotions.  I believe that nature is the source of all inspiration where every form, color, and pattern is expressed in ever-changing palettes. 

As an interior designer, each client is an inspiration. Everyone has a unique personality with specific or often times inexpressible needs, desires, and dreams.  It is my job and my joy to draw out their individuality, interpret its essence, and express it in a living space that is beautiful, elegant, and comfortable.  

Interior Design Color Wheel Helps You Harmonize Your Interior Design Projects.

If you’re looking for a color palette for your home, take pictures of scenery that inspires you. Cut out pictures from magazines and catalogs. Your designer will assist you in interpreting the photographs to create an interior design scheme.
Find Inspiration at Flea Markets
and Antique Shows
Sources of INSPIRATION are limitless:

Find inspiration at flea markets and antique shows. Find the ‘one great piece’ that will become the focal point around which an entire room’s décor will be created. It can be a piece of art, sculpture, even an exquisite rug.

Water is moving inspiration, stirring deep, underlying emotions. The ocean, lakes, rivers, ponds, quiet inland waterways are each highlighted by their unique surrounding: sandy beaches; tall, graceful grasses; trees and their foliage transformations. As the seasons evolve and the weather changes, emotions shift as well.
Seasonal Transformations Provide
Great Inspiration!
Architecture –notice the shapes of buildings and how they are oriented to their landscape.
I’ve used the ever-changing colors of the sky and cloud formations to create a decorating scheme for an entire home. 
Sunrise Cloud Formations
Travels around the world inspire elements of color, design, architecture, fabrics, style, furnishings.